When it comes to setting up a hammock at your own house whether on the beach, on your pool deck, or on your lawn; you want something that is going to look nice. Similar to camping hammocks, there are a lot of options to choose from; what is not similar to camping hammocks, is that you are shopping more for a certain style rather than certain brand.

I really like buying hammocks from brands with an identity. It is nice to be able to contact them and ask questions. I also want to be able to contact them if we have a problem. The two hammocks that I am recommending both come from brands with identities; Vivere and Pawleys Island. Because of this, both of these products come with a one year warranty. 

My Favorite: The Vivere Brazilian Sunbrella Double Hammock

The Vivere Brazilian Sunbrella Double Hammock is a fantastic hammock for your home setup. It’s long, it can hold up to 450 pounds, and it is made of Vivere’s trademark Sunbrella fabric. Like any Brazilian hammock, it’s large and comfortable to sink down into. The best thing about the Brazilian Sunbrella is that because of the Vivere’s special Subrella fabric, it can be left out in the rain; it’s a real deal all weather hammock. It also comes with a one year warranty as I mentioned before.

You can buy this hammock both with a stand and on its own. If you buy it with the stand then the hammock bed ends up being 7.25 feet long which would make the stand somewhere around 10 feet long. The stand that it comes with is made from powdered steel and the hammock itself is available in a number of different colors.

With this particular model, the hammock without the stand is 12 feet long so you will have to keep that in mind if you are shopping for a hammock to attach to trees on your property. Remember you want to the hammock to sag so the trees should be closer in distance than the length of whatever hammock you choose is. One thing that is a little disappointing is that when you are buying the hammock on its own, it does not come with hardware to set up anchor points on trees.

Our Favorite Rope Hammock: Pawleys Island Original Collection


The Island Original Collection from Pawleys Island gets great reviews. It’s 6 feet and 10 inches of hammock bed that is said to hold 450 pounds of people. One thing to note about this hammock is that it uses spreader bars which I personally like in a rope hammock. If you plan to use this hammock with a stand, I would recommend trying a model that is around 15 feet in length. One thing to note is that the hammock bed may seem a little bit short at first because it needs to be worked in to stretch to its full length.

This hammock is strong and durable, and shouldn’t rot due to the weather but I suggest taking it inside when it’s supposed to storm anyway. This hammock also comes in a number of really cool colors. One of our favorite things about it is that Pawleys Island includes the hardware to anchor to trees. When looking for trees to hang it to you ideally want to find something that is 14-16 feet in distance Speaking of which……

Attaching These Hammocks to Trees

I have said before how important we feel it is to keep the trees free from harm and that is why I was pretty excited when weI learned that the Pawley’s Island Hammock comes with hooks and not straps. Please remember that you can save trees by drilling hardware into them instead of using straps which can choke the tree over time.

Other Types of Hammocks

I have suggested one Brazilian hammock and one rope hammock but those aren’t the only types of hammock out there. Those are just my two favorites. Here are some other examples of hammocks you might want for at your home:

  • Poolside Hammocks: These are hammocks that are made for exactly what they are called. These are usually large and are made to be used in stands generally with a chain suspension. You might want this style if you want a larger hammock.
  • Quilted Hammocks: These hammocks are made out of quilted fabric. They tend to have that classic hammock look to them. If you’re lucky you might be able to find one with a pillow!
  • Parachute Hammock: Because parachute hammocks are so light and easy to carry I don’t generally recommend them for more regular setups.  I suggested a Grand Trunk on my camping hammock suggestions page. It might be a good buy if you just want to lay around the houst in it occasionally.

Buying a Stand Separately

You can always buy a stand later if you need to. If you are wondering about what length stand you should get then check out my post on hammock stand length. Remember, you should always check the stand’s weight limit too. You don’t want to have a hammock that can hold 450 pounds be limited to 200 pounds because of the stand.

You may have already bought a stand and it’s the wrong length but don’t worry, there are other things you can do to try and make it work. If your hammock is too long you can try tying the ends together as this doesn’t really damage the hammock. If your hammock is too short perhaps you could try to use some sort of suspension system.

All in All

The Vivere Sunbrella and the Pawleys Island Original Collection rope hammock are currently my favorite lawn hammocks on the market right now. You can find them online and, in some places in stores, both with and without the stand. One reason that I really like these hammocks because they come with a one-year warranty and they have been getting lots of good reviews over the past few years.

If you have one of these and want to let me know what you think please leave a post below. I would also love to hear from anybody who has another brand of hammock and either loves or hates it enough to tell somebody.