Camping hammocks and parachute hammocks are the two hottest types of hammocks on the market today. This is because they are lightweight and pack down so small that there really isn’t a need for anything else. If you are looking for a hammock to bring with you on the on the go then these are the type that you are typically looking for. Unfortunately, because the market for these is so hot there are a lot of products to choose from and such a wide range of price and quality.

I have tried a lot of hammocks and have done tons and tons of hours of research into hammock products. I have found some hammocks that I would recommend over others. Because there is such a wide range of price, I have decided to select two; the first is a cheaper hammock and the second is the hammock that I feel is the best overall hammock for the price. Although more expensive hammocks might have more features, either of these products is a good choice.

If you are looking for recommendations for a hammock to set up around your property on a more regular or permanent basis check out my recommendations for those. You may also be interested in my post on why some hammocks are so expensive.

Budget Hammock: Grand Trunk Single Parachute Nylon Hammock

Recently, there has been an explosion of cheaply made hammocks in many marketplaces. Some of these even have a brand name and look very similar to actual reputable brands. Many of these hammocks cost only about $20 but be wary; when it comes to these hammocks, you do get what you pay for. Try to avoid these hammocks and stick to a company that has at least some reputation.

Although there are cheaper hammocks on the market, there is even a cheaper one made by the same company, my choice for the best budget hammock is the Grand Trunk Single Parachute Nylon Hammock.  The reasons I selected this over the cheaper Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock are;  it is made with parachute nylon rather than polyester, it is bigger, and it comes with a tree straps.

This is a great starter hammock as it is fairly cheap but is still durable and it is light enough to walk around with. It would be a great hammock to set up in a park for an afternoon or bring to the beach for a day. I would also recommend the Grand Trunk Single Parachute Nylon Hammock if you are still trying to figure out what you want in your hammock as far as it’s sag and lay. This hammock might also work for someone who is looking for a cheaper hammock for camping and already has some of the other accessories such a tarp. I also wouldn’t hesitate to use this at a campsite for hanging around in during the day.

If you need everything to go camping, you might end up spending as much as my choice for the best hammock overall, so keep that in mind.


  • It can hold up to 400 pounds: That’s more than you need, which is a good thing, especially for first-time hammock owners.
  • It comes with everything you need to get started: You can hang this between two trees as soon as you get it.
  • A lifetime warranty: According to their website, Grand Trunk offers a lifetime warranty (we haven’t had to test it).


  • It’s not the most durable: While it is durable enough for occasional use, I wouldn’t recommend it for heavy use.
  • Non- Eco-friendly rope: I would like to see wider straps for tree friendliness.
  • Does not come ready for camping: If you want to take this camping you will most likely want to buy a tarp, maybe a bug net too.
  • Heavy: It’s light enough to carry around on its own, but it’s heavier if you have you have to add other camping accessories (ex. tarp or fly).
  • Single Bottom: This is a single bottom hammock, but you aren’t getting a double-bottomed hammock at this price point.

As you can see, this is a hammock that I have made frequent use of over the years. I use it as a day hammock when I’m camping or just hanging out outside during the day. It has never let me down. Please leave me your experience with Grand Trunk in the comments below; I don’t camp in mine but I would love to hear from someone who does.


The Overall Best Hammock For the Price: The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Zip

The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Zip is my favorite hammock for the price. It comes with everything that you need for camping so you are able to hit the forest right after getting your hammock. Although the mosquito netting is attached, it’s easy enough to tuck away if you want to use it at the beach. This hammock is amazing for anyone weighing up to 250 pounds, and its good for anyone up to 6 feet in height. If you need a hammock that’s manufacturer rated for people up to 300 pounds and 7 feet tall, check out the Explore Deluxe as that is the better option for you.


  • Comes with Everything you need for camping: you can set it up as soon as you have it.
  • Comes with Tree Saver Straps: You don’t need to buy anything extra if being eco-friendly is your main concern
  • Made from Durable Oxford Nylon: Although it’s not the BEST nylon in the world, it still should be durable enough to last most people many seasons of camping.


  • It’s Smaller: If you are heavy or tall, you may have to look at the slightly more expensive model; The Explorer Deluxe
  • Single Bottom: Again, double bottom hammocks are really not necessary unless you really want to spend a lot of money on your hammock


This is another hammock that I actually use and enjoy. I use this hammock as my primary camping tool and at 5 feet 8 inches it’s my favorite.  I haven’t tried it with anyone closer t0 6 feet but if you have I would like to hear your feedback in the comments below. This is a quality hammock that has everything you need, at least that’s what I think. If the Hennessy Hammock Expedition Zip is within your price range do not hesitate to pull the trigger; I think you will be satisfied.

Other Hammocks to Mention

The ENO DoubleNest: Some people are determined to buy an ENO Hammock after seeing their friend’s. If this is you, I suggest getting the ENO DoubleNest. It’s really the best bang for the buck that ENO offers because of the extra space it has over the SingleNest. The DoubleNest Deluxe is bigger but mine came with a seam down the middle (I have read that this may not be the case anymore).

The Hennessy Hammock Jungle Explorer ZipThis hammock is the best one for places with intense insects. This hammock is very expensive but it’s double-bottomed and can be used with a sleeping pad. (We do use a sleeping pad occasionally in my Expedition Zip with no problems too though).


I hope that you were able to take a glance at my recommended camping and parachute hammocks and find some information to help you out. If you do end up buying one of these, or even another hammock, let me know below. I would love to hear your thoughts on any hammock product.